Outreach Opportunities

Church Planting

As part of a Church Planting Team we desire to see churches started and growing. The first stepping stone to a fruitful church is reaching people with the Gospel. We desire to reach out to those around us in various ways.

Kids Club

By holding kids’ clubs in the local neighborhoods we are making contact with families that we would otherwise not be able to reach. This opportunity to go and play games with the kids is something that is fun for them and we have seen success as kids come week after week. Our whole intent is not just to have fun and then send them home. After playing games for 15-20 minutes we then sing some kid friendly songs that they love. We conclude our time by sharing with them from God’s Word a short devotional as we introduce them to a God who loves them and cares about them. This time together is invaluable for three reasons. 1. Children come who would in no other way hear about the Gospel as they are exposed to the love of Christ. 2. Parents who don’t want their children too far away, will sit and listen to the Bible Study. We are targeting children in this avenue, and God has seen fit to use it to share His Word with adults as well. 3. The children go home singing the songs and telling their parents about the games they played and the stories they heard.

Community Outreach

Periodically throughout the year we desire to reach out into the community by letting them know we care about them. Each year the little towns and villages celebrate the day of their anniversary. Depending on where we will live, this will vary in what time of year it is. The celebration always involves the gathering of all the people of the area. They sing songs and put on traditional celebrations that they have done for centuries. As part of the community, we have seen them be willing to give the members of the community who attend the churches a part in the events. We use this time to share with them in special music and share a challenge from God’s Word. We are thinking through various other ways we can show God’s Love and share His truth to those around us.